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  • SAVE the Environment

  • SAVE Global Resources

  • Changes our Economy and Environment to Green

  • ECOBURN International Co., Ltd. producing premium fuel treatment has been established in South Korea 2011. ECOBURN’s products inducing perfect combustion have been exporting to Asia’s countries with China and Japan. We are continuing business meeting with a lot of oil companies for premium oil and extending a market around the world.

  • ECOBURN’s products saving resources and reducing greenhouse gas contribute to improve world’s economy and environment.


  • Burns Cleaner, Burns Longer



We have earnestly undertaken research in order to face the following problems that the humanity is now facing.

First, the related phenomenon was analyzed and the major cause of the problem was identified

  • General detergents had to be used in order to clean the residuum coming out from the incomplete combustion of fuel. However, even after using detergents, there were still accumulated components of carbon that has not been combusted in the combustion chamber deposits). These CCD problems occurred in all engines and boilers, especially the ones using diesel and heavy oil.

  • The CCD increases the emission of exhaust and greenhouse gas, while reducing the engine efficiency (MIT research results)

  • Due to the incomplete combustion of fuels and CCD, individuals, companies and the government had to pay millions of dollars in order to deal with environmental and health issues that come from the climatic changes, initially resulting from pollution, greenhouse gas and discard fuel.


The major cause of greenhouse gas and exhaust gas is the incomplete combustion of carbon (The research results of Christopher Forssen O’Brien, MIT)
ECOBURN pre removes the major causes of incomplete combustion.
The core of the problem was incomplete combustion.

ECOBURN Team has studied hundreds of fuel additives, oil additives, defecators, and magnets, finding the only solution to overcome all limits. After establishing a certified experimental institution, endless tests have been carried on in the laboratory in order to find out that the fundamental problem was the incomplete combustion and accumulation of CCD.

Simultaneously, endless tests and research started in order to find out the combustion removal method of CCD formation. After long years of continued tests and research, with millions of dollars invested for research funds, a solution has finally been established.

Technological Innovation, the solution came out in result.

The solution was the creation of ECOBURN Fuel Treatment.

The results were as follows:

  • improvement of fuel efficiency and fuel quality
  • reduction of greenhouse gas
  • removal of CCD within combustion chamber

Finally, the world has been given the opportunity to live a healthier, economic life due to the ECOBURN’s one of a kind feature of combusting carbon completely.

We would like to invite everyone to the world of ECOBURN born with innovative technology.

ECOBURN Effect Principles

ECOBURN Effect Principles

The Principle of Ordinary Additives

The fundamental problem that all standard fuels and ordinary additives have is that the oxygen cannot fully combust the volatile carbon rings. Because of this, a 10% rate of fuel waste occurs, and also increases exhaust and harmful gas.

ECOBURN Effect Principles

During the combustion process, most of the fuel is combusted. The residuum that is not combusted should either be exhausted or “washed out”, and this is the part where detergents come into play. Detergents also work in situations where the fuel nozzle is seriously clogged up.
However, these solutions are much more inefficient compared to the effects of ECOBURN.

The solution that is displayed from the standard fuel which is treated by Eco Burn is that the oxygen can now combust all of the carbon rings which have been rearranged, resulting in increase in engine power as well as reducing exhaust/harmful gas.

Unique Approach: Simply Better

The removal way of CCD is the core element that differentiates ECOBURN ( “No Washing Away’ ) from many other products.

When ECOBURN combusts the fuel, CCD (asphalt les that do not combust) do not form on the surface anymore and are significantly reduced. The combustion process is composed of rough changes in heat and pressure. These changes nudge the currently existing CCD, and the adhesion of the CCD becomes loose, eventually disappearing. Once the chamber deposits are gone, more oxygen is provided to help the combustion process, reducing heat. Results come with an increased energy discharge in the combustor for longer, stronger expansion.

ECOBURN upgrades all kind of fuels ( Gasoline / Diesel / Kerosene / Heavy oil / Bio fuel / LPG / LNG / CNG )



ECOBURN and Biofuels

The combustion features of both diesel and bio diesel are so similar that even an ordinary diesel engine can operate through bio-diesel by applying minor technological changes. The engine power may reduce due to the difference in power between ordinary diesel and bio diesel. However, if the bio diesel is treated with Eco Burn, these reductions do not occur (35,700kj/L). In addition, by adding Eco Burn to the bio diesel, the fuel consumption is reduced just as it would in ordinary diesel.

For bio-diesel fuels, it has been proven that by simply adding ECOBURN will allow for increase in fuel efficiency as well as reducing nitrous oxide emission.



ECOBURN improves the fuel quality and increase the fuel efficiency in a word. Proven already in Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority) and a lot of qualified research institutes in many countries. ECOBURN reduces CO, PM, SOx, NOx, and various green-house gases with leading full combustion.
The technology of ECOBURN is entirely different from other additives that clean after combustion. ECOBURN is the fuel reduction product that accelerates the complete combustion of carbon with a pre-combustion fuel treatment technology.

ECOBURN uses a whole different technology from the other current fuel treatments, detergents, and additives. ECOBURN stabilizes carbon molecule structure, then leads to full combustion in all kinds of liquid fuel and even LPG, LNG, and CNG. Proven already with product launch performance 2011, 2012 year.

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EcoBurn can be safely used for all fuels, and meets related US / UK / EU standards.

  1. Fuel Efficiency Up

    Fuel that has been treated with ECOBURN is the best fuel for combustion inside the combustor. ECOBURN reduces the cost of fuel by 10%~20% alone. In addition, it reduces engine abrasion, enhances oil and filter life, resulting in a significant reduction of related charges.

  2. Proven Performance

    The formal test results in Korea, Japan, China, and many countries have proved that ECOBURN is safe and efficient.

  3. Safe

    ECOBURN is harmless and has no corrosiveness. ECOBURN is safe in every recommended application methods.

  4. Meets All Fuel Specifications

    ECOBURN only contains certified fuel components, and the fuel that is treated with Eco Burn meets all fuel standards and specifications.



Improvement of LPG Efficiency

Generally, the LPG is higher than Gasoline’s Octane Number and Caloric value. However LPG’s power is lower than Gasoline cause of shortage in Volumetric Efficiency. ECOBURN stabilize the carbon molecule structure in LPG like working in all liquid fuel and increase the output of LPG with fuel efficiency up.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

ECOBURN is the solution to meet the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas.

Technical Specification

ECOBURN is a hydrocarbon liquid that acts as an accelerator for complete combustion, entirely different from the current additives. ECOBURN contains only the components that already exist in main fuel, therefore making it the only product applicable and usable for all types of fuel. It has a self-lubricate attribute, and meets all UK and US standards including low sulfur fuel. ECOBURN is a product that allows for ‘self mix’. Thus, by simply putting ECOBURN in the fuel, the mix will be automatic.

  • No Detergents
  • No Cetane Boosters but increase Cetane Number
  • No Octane Boosters but increase Octane Number

Physical Properties of Eco Burn

  • boiling point: 300~450℃
  • ignition point(with cover closed): 193℃~205℃
  • viscosity: 18.27 centistokes at 40℃
  • density at 15 C: 0.8623 kg/L
  • ECOBURN conforms to all related standards

Chemical Properties of Eco Burn

  • copper corrosiveness: A Class 1 according to IP153/84
  • Ash content:0.02% w/w
  • Calorie value (total): 19,660 BTU/LB 47,730 kJ/kg 10,927 Cal/g

Elemental Analysis

  • carbon 85.89%
  • hydrogen 14.10%
  • chlorine 0.015

Mixing Ratio

ECOBURN is mixed to a 1:300 ratio concerning all liquid hydrocarbon fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heavy oil, bio diesel, LPG, LNG, and CNG)

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